The All-in-One Solution

SiteWrench gives you the flexibility to create and manage an amazing website, packed with the all features and tools you need. And we're here to help when you need it-everything is completely hosted, managed and supported.

A smarter way to create.

Every website management system must perform common tasks and not-so-common tasks. SiteWrench can do it all, simply. Adding pages, manipulating navigation and WYSIWYG editing are a breeze. How these core functions are built determines how well a CMS can perform any task and, more importantly how flexible and capable a system can be. SiteWrench's core system is built on over ten years of knowledge and firsthand experience building websites.

It is the most flexible, capable and powerful CMS of its kind.


SiteWrench websites are built to be all encompassing websites that feature excellent blogs; we are not a blogging platform that aims to build all encompassing websites. SiteWrench's Blog App gives you all the tools you need to maintain a great blog.

With SiteWrench, you're getting a complete blogging solution, built right into every website you create. It includes options for easy tagging, comment moderation and many of the other features found in dedicated blogging platforms.

It is also fully integrated with the rest of the SiteWrench system, allowing you to password protect your blog or to limit commenting to members only. The system output is highly customizable, which allows you to create your perfect look and feel using CSS.

Already using Wordpress® but need the benefits of a full-featured CMS instead of a blogging platform? No problem! We have made it extremely easy to move your blog (or entire website, if you like) to SiteWrench.

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SiteWrench quickly makes your website a powerful communications and lead gathering tool. You can build completely custom forms in minutes to gather valuable information. All form data is sent to any number of email addresses that you specify and is also stored in a database for you to download at any time.

We aimed to give you the desire to write us a thank-you-note for making Forms so easy to use. Anyone can set up contact forms, surveys, registrations and more with our simple setup. For multiple choice style elements, you create the possible answers. Make fields required, just by checking a box, Need to re-organize your form? No problem, it's a simple drag-and-drop feature. Our mailing address is below.

Audio & Visual Media

Picture it: your photos display beautifully, your audio clips are well organized and your videos are accessible on any device. With SiteWrench, you get all that and more.

SiteWrench is integrated with Vimeo® and YouTube® and boasts built-in social media sharing tools. You can control download options, include multiple media types per episode, password protect your content and much more.

Social Media Integration

Social media strategy is a key communications tool and your look and feel should be consistent across all platforms. Engage your audience by bringing together all of your online channels and inviting users to join the conversations in the most stylish of ways. Of course, we make it easy for your visitors to share your content.

With our flexible interface, you can easily integrate your shining Yelp reviews, latest tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook page, YouTube and Vimeo videos and more. If you're trying to build your social connections and further your digital footprint, why not make it simple for an audience (whose attention you already have) to get engaged? Go ahead, share something spectacular and let the whole world know.


SiteWrench's events calendar is a full featured tool that makes it simple for you to manage event information on your website.

Create recurring events or offer something new every time. We offer a choice of calendar views and you can organize information as you need. Use the upcoming events widget to bring event information to any page in your website. Allow your users to easily register for events online.

We've got every detail covered, other than planning and hosting the event ourselves.

eCommerce & Donations

The SiteWrench Store is a powerful eCommerce system that allows you to effectively display and sell products (including digital ones) and collect payment.

The store offers organizational mechanisms to help desktop, mobile and tablet shoppers easily browse products and find the information they seek. It also integrates with Site Membership allowing shoppers to create profiles, subscribe to mass mail and easily check their order status.

You can even password protect products, categories or the entire store, allowing for variable pricing and 'members only' purchases. All this, plus more:

Secure payment processing via Google Checkout,, PayPal
Custom shipping and tax rate setup
Downloadable products
Coupon codes

Full integration with website membership and mass mail
Inventory tracking options
Various product presentation options

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Mobile Ready

Mobile web traffic is increasing at an extremely rapid rate. How does your website handle your mobile traffic? Is it usable? Does it display properly? Can on-the-go users find your contact information or location with ease?

If your website is not viewable on a mobile device, you are missing out. In 2014, mobile internet is predicted to take over desktop internet usage. But you're covered, because all SiteWrench websites automatically work wonderfully on mobile devices.

SiteWrench is a platform that will automatically direct mobile users to the mobile-specific version of your website, giving all visitors a great experience, every which way. So, make your mobile marketing efforts more effective by creating mobile-specific content: tailor your messages to the user's specific needs, provide directions, offer products via mobile catalog and more.

Search Engine Friendly

SiteWrench websites + Google = best friends, forever. We were created by a digital agency, so we totally "get it" when it comes to being found online. All of the navigation on your website will be text-based and fully indexable. The system knows how to use page elements properly and how to generate valid code. Page titles and meta data are independently controlled. You will have a dynamically generated and updated XML sitemap and your rankings will love you for it. SiteWrench is constantly updated to reflect the frequent updates of the search engine algorithms, which happens quite a bit.

Everything is built to simplify your search engine marketing and optimization efforts and help you reach your goals (and the top of the search engine pages).


Computers are great, but in case you haven't noticed they can be quite problematic.

SiteWrench is fully hosted and fully managed, meaning you never have to install anything - the only software you need is a free web browser (we recommend Google Chrome). There are no license fees to keep up with, you can manage your website from any computer and, best of all, there are no servers for you to spend time working on. This model is the safest, smartest, most cost-efficient way to go.

We maintain the technical details for you:

  • Top-tier hosting in a premium facility, on our dedicated equipment
  • Free domain and DNS management
  • All backups and redundancies included, excellent business continuity
  • Your team will spend no time troubleshooting hosting or server issues
  • New features added frequently
  • Updates and bug fixes added quickly
  • Future-proof, no more out-of-date software
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