Agencies & Designers

SiteWrench was built by a digital agency made up of designers, with other designers in mind. Our parent company, Speak, uses SiteWrench everyday to create and maintain beautiful websites for hundreds of clients across the country.

If you’re a designer or an agency, you’re welcome to make SiteWrench your own or make it work for you. It’s loaded with all the features you want, but none of the clutter. You and/or your clients will own the design and all of the assets, we’re just here to help when you need it and host it without hassle.

Support Options

The primary decision you need to make is who will support your clients. If you want to support your clients, the system will be branded with your logo and domain name.

SiteWrench will be customized to reflect your logo and domain name

Your team provides support to your clients; SiteWrench is available to support your team 

You set your own plans and pricing 

The profit sharing discount will increase as you add clients 

If our team supports your clients, they'll be SiteWrench customers and we'll take care of them just like we would our own. SiteWrench will come standard with our logo and domain name

We support your clients as our own 

We support your team, if and as needed 

Your clients pay SiteWrench retail prices 

The profit sharing percentage will increase as you add clients

Design Options

Designing for SiteWrench is easy and we like it that way. Our system uses a single file for each page template. The markup output was created specifically for designers, so it is easy to style. There are no rigid formats to follow and no special rules to remember. You are welcome.

You can design and YOU can encode!

If you're a whiz at CSS, you can design your site and encode it to work with standard SiteWrench styles. The process to "hook" it into the CMS is extremely easy and we'll be happy to show you how it's done. All you have to do is create your website design and you're ready to go.

You can design and WE can encode!

If you make most of your money in design, then leave the encoding to us. You can deliver a PSD to us and we'll write the HTML and CSS for it. We will provide guidelines for designing SiteWrench websites and even give your design a quick review to be sure there are no glaring issues. We'll guarantee the code will be well-written and you'll have more time to focus on your primary income sources.